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Dual Battery System

Under the bonnet, in the tub or behind the seat (dual cab) we can help you with all your dual battery needs.

There's nothing like trying to head off in the morning and finding you can't start the car!

Rather than risk running down your vehicle (crank) battery with 12v lighting or a fridge, have an auxiliary battery installed under the bonnet or in the back of the vehicle in a battery box. Be aware that some batteries may need to be vented externally (for example a standard lead acid battery will sit under the bonnet, but for inside the vehicle a sealed battery will be required).

Start by writing a list of what you need to run when your power cord is just not long enough. Once you establish your power needs you can start looking at the battery you will use to provide it. Keep in mind that batteries do not like being fully discharged! They much prefer being drawn down to about 50% of their capacity, and then being topped back up soon after. You will get a much longer battery life if you are able to make this happen.

It's important to get the right battery to suit your requirements – the battery size and type will be determined by exactly what you want to run on them. For example, to run a fridge and lighting, a deep cycle battery will be required. If you plan on running your second battery in a trailer (or caravan) an Anderson Plug set up will enhance the charging capabilities of your vehicle.

Modern vehicles have different charging systems, so what worked in the past may not work now.

It's always a good idea to get advice from our experienced staff before spending money on a system that won't meet your needs.